parado space of art

Paco F. Parado - MathemArtist Cube

A mathemArtist is a conspicuous poet,
parading under the banner of transformation, 

moving beyond inertia, 

in the abstract completeness aimed at - 

in the higher non-consensus wave dynamics,
in a participating universe.

To me the field of art appears as a look 
into an infinite space. 

Spheres appear and go, as I silently flow 
through that world.
I get myself into areas of Beauty, 
Mastery and colorful realms of sounds.
The Paco F. Parado Space of Art 
is a visual metaphor 

for a very dynamic data set. 
My approach emphasizes openness and 

renewed interpretation. 
Find don't search is the motto 

for navigating 
the Paco F. Parado Space of Art.

mathemArtist Paco F. Parado

My paintings, the compositions are rhythmic forms, 

arising from the attraction to beauty, 

from the research in all fields of knowledge 

and finding new insights in our endless Many-Worlds Theater.